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U-Report & TMCG replies to thousands with immunization and other health questions
The U-Report tool has successfully been utilized to provide tens of thousands of people with free healthcare advice, straight to their phones.

For years, U-Reporters have been able to ask STD and HIV/AIDS related questions directly to U-Report. These questions are shared instantly with professional counselors who can advice appropriately to the concerns of the U-Reporters. U-Report partners such as MarieStopes Uganda and Straight Talk foundation have provided an invaluable service to those in need of help.

Any message reaching the U-Report system is automatically scanned for a set of keywords associated with sexually transmitted deceases and these messages are then sent to a dashboard with a unique login for each of the partner organizations. The U-Report partner organization is then able to login to their dashboard and respond to their uniquely assigned messages and provide invaluable support to All U-Reporters!
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